Job No.:



Concrete, Asphalt, Earthwork


City of El Paso – Capital Improvements Department


Started February 8, 2016

Scope of Work:

The project supports the development of a pedestrian and bicycle corridor along Independence Dr. between Yarbrough Dr. and Whittier Dr. The project consists of a 14 ft. pedestrian and bicycle path with shade trees, vegetation and other amenities.  The corridor will provide connectivity to several existing neighborhoods, J.P. Shawyer Park, and the existing Yarbrough Dr. bike lane. The total length of the pedestrian and bicycle corridor project is 4,765 feet and runs parallel to Independence Dr.

Original Contract Time:

161 calendar days (5 ½ months)    Anticipated Completion Time: 4 months

Major Subcontractors/Suppliers:

Accent Landscape Contractors, Code Electric, Bowen Industrial Contractors, Pavement Markings Inc., Paso Del Norte Materials, CEMEX.


  • Scenic Drive
  • Pedestrian Pathway Improvements Phase 2.1
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Santa Fe Pedestrian Improvements
  • Pedestrian Pathway Improvements Phase 1.2B
  • City Site Work
  • Loop 375 Widening
  • River Bend Dr Pedestrian and Bicycle Enhancements
  • Pedestrian Pathway Improvements Phase 1.2A
  • El Paso Int. Airport Runway
  • Roundabouts