Santa-Fe-Medium (Medium)
PDN_-2 (Small)
PDN_-23 (Medium)
JAR-PDN Session II-26 (Large)

Flat work – It includes sidewalks, driveways, curb and gutter, ADA ramps, medians and flowable fill.  JAR specializes in concrete flat work, ranging from sidewalks (with or without reinforcement), driveways (residential and/or industrial), curb and gutter (standard curb and gutter, TxDOT monolithic curb, header curb, valley gutter, with or without reinforcement), ADA ramps (TxDOT and/or other standards), medians, and stamped color concrete.  JAR can provide all labor, equipment and material to complete all specified items, which can include demolition, grading, compaction and placement, while complying with any required specifications.  JAR has the capability of forming or slipping with a machine both sidewalk and curb and gutter.

Concrete Paving – JAR specializes in concrete paving roadways, runways and highways at different thicknesses both using machine and/or forms.  JAR can provide concrete paving with different reinforcement (continuously reinforced, dowels, single matt, double matt) and finishes.  All material used by JAR is state approved and in accordance with industry standards.